About The Erebus Equilibrium Series
Suffering a devastating childhood loss, Jonathan Edward Malone becomes withdrawn and despaired, blaming himself for the tragedies that have befallen his family.

Twenty years later, plagued with a succession of disturbing nightmares, the chance discovery of a hidden message on the back of an antique looking-glass draws Jonathan into a subconscious adventure of mystery, betrayal, revelation and intrigue, as he desperately searches for a solution to the riddle in the glass.

However, the secret he uncovers is only the beginning of an extraordinary and spectacular journey, where the demons he encounters are not just those buried deep inside his mind!

The omnibus edition includes the first three books of the The Erebus Equilibrium: Reflections, The Anvil Amulet and Wraith Tide.

A fourth book, Beloved Sons, which concludes the series and continues events from the conclusion of Wraith Tide, and the trilogy companion novel, Bortag's Curse, is now available.

The Erebus Equilibrium

The Erebus Equilibrium Trilogy

A Brief History
More than forty years have passed since I first created my version of Erebus and its hero, Jonathan Edward Malone. I have always had a fascination with mirrors and have long pondered the possibilities that they could do more than reflect our images.

I undertook the creation of this simple good-versus-evil series largely as a challenge to myself and with the hope that others may enjoy my hero's adventures.

As is the case with so many tales, it has grown in the telling, spawning Bortag's Curse, a companion novel, and now, a fourth and final part of the series, Beloved Sons.

For anyone who shares the mystery and believes the myths about mirrors, which have survived over many centuries, then the Erebus series is for you!

This site provides a glimpse into the fascinating world of Erebus as well as showcasing some of my other works. I invite you to browse through these pages at your leisure. If you like what you see and read, copies of my works are readily available.

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