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Book Four - Beloved Sons
Kronac, Lord of Erebus and Keeper of Souls, has been destroyed.

When Supreme Elder Solandra announces to the assembled Council that she personally witnessed the Keeper's demise, revealing that Jonathan Malone was the assailant, Erebus is thrown into chaos, and a subsequent search for Malone's whereabouts proves fruitless.

Having fled Erebus with Kryl of the Helices, a shocked and confused Jonathan is unaware he is being hunted as a fugitive, struggling as he is with the unusual circumstances of his return to Earth, where his consciousness has split across two very different timelines.

When Kryl explains to him what has happened, and it becomes apparent that malevolent forces are at play, Jonathan realises that he must somehow get word back to Erebus to warn the Council of Elders.

Trapped across two realities, wanted for murder, and with the Equilibrium under threat from a dark and powerful enemy, Jonathan must also face a devastating personal sacrifice to prevent the deaths of his infant nephews, his sister Sarah's beloved sons.

Beloved Sons concludes the Erebus series and continues events from the conclusion of Wraith Tide, and the trilogy companion novel, Bortag's Curse.

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Beloved Sons

Book Four - Beloved Sons

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